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Growing, learning and talking starts here!

Join the fun and watch your baby develop their communication skills through music, play, movement and sensory experiences


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What We Offer

Our team of certified Speech Language Pathologists and Occupational Therapists will help your little ones find their voices, develop their communication skills, and have fun doing it.

Semester Classes

Our semester length courses apply different speech language pathology strategies and help your child learn new communication skills each week. Your kids will make progress through hands on learning, individualized attention, and fun activities.

Drop-In Classes

Book a single class to find the right fit for your child! Learn a new tip and sound of the week from a certified Speech-Language Pathologist, and bring home tips that your family and caregivers can use in their everyday environment.

Virtual Classes

Let your little one learn new skills from the comfort of home. Our virtual classes cover all the same skills as our in-person classes and each one is led by a certified Speech-Language Pathologist.

Private Therapy

Look Who's Talking offers private speech-language screenings, evaluations and therapy for children of all ages. Our certified speech-Language Pathologists specialize in pediatric auditory, speech, and language-based therapy. Availability for both in-home and in-office therapy in NY, CT, and NJ.

I attribute Sloane’s early language development to LWT classes and the tools they provide to me to encourage, nurture and foster Sloane’s growth. LWT is everything a parent could ask for packed into 1 class. It’s progressive yet familiar. It’s relaxed yet structured. It’s fun yet educational. It’s my “can’t do without” class recommendation for babies and toddlers alike.

Brittney Sobel

and Daughter, Sloane (14 months)

Find a Class Near You

Look Who’s Talking offers multiple speech-language and sensory enrichment classes throughout the greater New York region. We teach at a number of convenient locations, and offer classes all year round.

Look who’s behind

Look Who’s Talking

Look Who's Talking is powered by a forward thinking team of certified Speech-Language Pathologists and educational experts.


Driven by a deep passion for play, development, and community, we are committed to fostering engaging, enriching learning environments and to meeting the unique needs of every child we work with.

Growing, learning and talking starts here!