Cancellation Policy

Classes can be canceled when provided with at least 48 hours notice. When canceling you will receive a class credit to be used at any time during that semester! If your child is sick please let us know as soon as possible so we can provide you with the opportunity to do a make-up. Please note that a "no show" to class will not be able to be refunded or used towards another class.

All packages must be used within the specified semester (i.e., "Fall"). Each semester will have a 2-week make up period, however you may make up classes at any time during the semester depending on availability.  Please note that no credits will be able to be transferred to future semesters if they are not used.

Once you start your package, it becomes non-refundable.  Pending availability in other classes, you may switch to another class or use any credits towards pre-recorded or Zoom classes by the end of the semester.

LWT weather protocol for Outdoor Classes

If it is 50-90 degrees AND the rain chance is under 30% class is on. Outdoor classes can be very inconsistent and we would like to do our best to keep class on if the weather allows it. If class is NOT canceled and you do not wish to join due to weather, you must let us know by the night before in order to receive a credit. Any day-of cancellations will unfortunately not be able to be credited or refunded. 

Indoor Class Covid Policy

Parents will be required to sign and agree to the following prior to attending classes:

  • All adults must show proof of vaccination to join indoor classes.

  • To wear a mask correctly (above the nose) for the entire duration of class

  • Not to bring additional adults or children (1 adult per registered child).

  • That walkers and crawlers are allowed to move around however we suggest parents/caregivers avoid following them around unless completely necessary. We want adults to remain seated 6 ft apart for as much of the class as possible.

  • Personalized toy bags will be provided for baby to be used weekly and will not be shared between babies. 

  • To sanitize caregiver’s hands and child's hands before and after class.

  • To stagger entry and exit so not to crowd in the lobby areas and to pack up as quickly as possible to not hold up others

  • I understand that teachers will be wearing clear shields and any available windows will be open during class (please dress warm).

  • Class time will be a few minutes shorter to leave time for cleaning in between and to stagger dismissing and entering.

  • To notify LWT more than 48 hours in advance if not attending class.

  • I will lose a credit for late notice or a "no show" to class.

Outdoor Class Covid Policy

Parents will be required to sign and agree to the following prior to attending classes:

  • To notify LWT and not to attend classes if anyone in my household has any symptoms of being ill (and for at least 24 hours after symptoms subside).

  • Not to share toys between babies unless receiving permission from other parents/caregivers.

  • To wear a mask when conversing with other parents in close proximity.

  • To sanitize hands before and after class.

  • To bring anything I may need for myself and my child so I do not need to enter the host's house. We do not expect the host to provide any food/drinks or access to their bathroom.

  • I understand that the host holds no liability for any accidents that may occur on their property. I agree to respect their homes/property and fully supervise my child at all times.


Please note that classes are not a substitute for speech/language therapy. If you have any concerns about your child's development, please reach out to a LWT speech/language pathologist, your pediatrician or any developmental specialist.