Private speech-language therapy

Look Who's Talking offers private speech-language therapy for children of all ages in the convenience of your own home. The Look Who's Talking team is a group of certified speech-language pathologists who specialize in pediatric auditory, speech and language-based therapy. Contact us to inquire about private speech-language therapy.


Brandie literally lit a spark in him from session one and he is talking more and more everyday! Look Who’s Talking has been an invaluable tool for us and I’m ever so grateful!

As a preemie I was always a little bit afraid that he would be “behind” and every milestone was met on time without a problem. The only thing I was concerned about was his speech...He wasn’t forming words like I saw other kids his age were. So I sought out Look Who’s Talking... Doing sessions at home, the difference was dramatic and swift. He’s literally exploding with words and talking REALLY talking to me! 

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