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Who should take Look Who's Talking's classes?

The class is intended for babies ages 6-24 months who are preverbal or in the early stages of language acquisition. If you have any questions regarding your baby's age and the class please contact us.

What does a Look Who's Talking class entail?

Look Who's Talking is a language enhancement class for babies and parents/caregivers to learn techniques to carry over into everyday routines. Each class includes a "Tip of the Day" and "Sound of the Day." LWT is a fun way to develop your child’s language through music and play with certified speech-language pathologists!

Who will be leading the class?

The class will be led by a certified speech-language pathologist with assisstance of a speech-language pathologist clinical fellow.

When is the class offered?

Classes are offered at varying days/times throughout the week. Please refer to the "Schedule" tab above to see specific class days/times. Feel free to inquire to request other class days/times!

Do I have to commit to the full semester of classes?

No! This class offers the flexibility to attend individual sessions as frequently as you please ($40/class) or a full semester of classes.

My child is not talking yet and I am worried. Is this class a substitute for speech/language therapy?

While the class is led by certified speech-language therapists, it is NOT a substitute for individualized speech therapy. If you have concerns about your child's development it is best to speak directly to your pediatrician. If you would like information for speech-language evaluations, early intervention or private therapy sessions please contact us.

My child is only 6 months old, is this class going to benefit him/her?

Yes! One of the most important skills for developing language is listening. LWT classes provide exposure to new vocabulary and activities to work on listening skills. Strategies and techniques taught in class involve ways to enhance both expressive and receptive language skills. Additionally, by learning the strategies and techniques to facilitate language development at a younger age, caregivers can get a head start applying these tips at home.

Does Look Who's Talking provide private therapy sessions?

Yes! We provide private speech therapy in the convenience of your own home. The LWT team is a group of certified speech-language pathologists who specialize in all areas of pediatric auditory, speech and language based therapy.

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