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Spring registration is now open!

Classes are 40 minutes long with a 5 minute period before and after class for chatting with the SLPs, asking questions and socializing with friends!

How long are classes?

If it is 50-90 degrees or more AND the rain chance is under 30% class is on. Outdoor classes can be very inconsistent and we would like to do our best to keep class on if the weather allows it. If class is NOT cancelled and you do not wish to join due to weather, you must let us know by the night before in order to receive a credit. Any day-of cancellations will unfortunately not be able to be credited or refunded.

Please click this link here to access our Cancellation/COVID/weather policies.

What is our weather protocol for outdoor classes?

Due to the nature of LWT classes, we do not allow children to join that are older than the intended age range of ~24 months. Older, more verbal children, can take away from the opportunities we provide for the participants in class. It has proven in the past to be disruptive and is not fair for the other participants. If you cannot join due to childcare issues, please cancel the class at your earliest convenience. Day of cancellations will only be eligable for a virtual make up. No shows are not eligable for make up classes. 

Please click this link here to access our Cancellation/COVID/weather policies.

If I don't have childcare for my other child(ren), can they join class?

Yes! We provide private speech therapy in the convenience of your own home. The LWT team is a group of certified speech-language pathologists who specialize in all areas of pediatric auditory, speech and language based therapy.

Does Look Who's Talking provide private therapy sessions?

While the class is led by certified speech-language therapists, it is NOT a substitute for individualized speech therapy. If you have concerns about your child's development it is best to speak directly to your pediatrician. If you would like information for speech-language evaluations, early intervention or private therapy sessions please contact us.

My child is not talking yet and I am worried. Is this class a substitute for speech/language therapy?

Classes are offered at varying days/times throughout the week. Please refer to the "drop in" tab above to see specific class days/times. Feel free to inquire to request other class days/times!

When is the class offered?

No! This class offers the flexibility to attend individual sessions as frequently as you please ($45/class) as long as the class has availability. Spots sometimes open last minute so be sure to check the "drop in" page often!

Do I have to commit to the full semester of classes?

The class will be led by a certified speech-language pathologist with assisstance of a speech-language pathologist clinical fellow.

Who will be leading the class?

When you purchase a pre-recorded, on-demand LWT class you can play it for your child at any time, pause and re-start the class, and use it as many times as you want within the 2 month time period! Parents of younger babies have enjoyed these classes because it allows them to slow down or pause to work on wait time and give them the ability to review a particular song or concept more than once! Live Zoom classes are streaming in real time and allow your baby to interact with the instructor and the other babies in the class. This allows you to show your baby their peers and see what other babies their age are doing. Both pre-recorded and Live classes have been used for babies 6-24 months, it just depends on preference :)

What is the difference between on-demand classes and LIVE Zoom classes?

The class is intended for babies ages 6-24 months who are preverbal or in the early stages of language acquisition. If you have any questions regarding your baby's age and the class please contact us.

Who should take Look Who's Talking's classes?

Masks are now optional! Each child is allowed to be accompanied to class by only one caregiver to keep the group as small as possible (no unregistered older siblings). Classes will not take more than 10 kids per class (smaller depending on facility). Additionally, all LWT staff have been vaccinated!

What are the rules and regulations for indoor classes as it relates to COVID-19?

Classes can be canceled with 48+ hours notice. When canceling in advance you will receive a class credit to use within the current semester. Please note that a "no show" to class will not be able to be refunded or used towards another class.

Please click this link here to access our Cancellation/COVID policies.

What is our cancellation policy?

Yes! One of the most important skills for developing language is listening. LWT classes provide exposure to new vocabulary and activities to work on listening skills. Strategies and techniques taught in class involve ways to enhance both expressive and receptive language skills. Additionally, by learning the strategies and techniques to facilitate language development at a younger age, caregivers can get a head start applying these tips at home.

My child is only 6 months old, is this class going to benefit him/her?

Look Who's Talking is a language enrichment class for babies and parents/caregivers to learn techniques to carry over into everyday routines.

Each class includes a "Tip of the Day" and "Sound of the Day." LWT is a fun way to develop your child’s language through music and play with certified speech-language pathologists!

What does a Look Who's Talking class entail?


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