Virtual Classes and YouTube Content

4-week live Zoom classes for $28/class.​


LWT (Up to ~24 months) - Monday 4pm, Tuesday 11am & Wednesday 4pm

LWT (24-48 months) - Toddler enrichment program

Wednesday 10am and 4:30pm, & Thursday 4pm

Email us to confirm specific class availability 

Click below to pay for a 6-pack of classes (1 month access at $15/class).

Spring Semester begins on 3/1 - Classes will be emailed Sunday nights each week (for 6 weeks). You will have 1 extra month to watch the classes after week 6! 

For individual pre-recorded classes for $18/class keep scrolling!

While we know nothing will equally replace our in-person classes with all our friends, we wanted to be able to support you and your little one during this challenging time. We hope to facilitate learning and growing and bring some songs, entertainment and at home tips to you virtually. Classes are intended for pre-verbal babies up to toddlers in the early stages of expressive language (i.e., using single words). 

  • New videos released weekly and can be watched at any time for up to 1 month (pre-recorded for your convenience!).

  • Videos do not need to be watched in any order. 

  • To re-watch a video already purchased click "$" as if you were going to pay again. Sign in and your video will be accessible!

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Tips to enhance your child's virtual LWT experience:

1. Set up your child in a clear space, free from toys or other distractions (as much as possible).  Place only the items listed to use for each class in your child's viewing area. If your child is having trouble attending, you can also try setting it up with them in a high-chair or small chair and table!

2. Don’t stress if your child is not attentive the whole time! Attention spans are shorter for screen time compared to in person interactions. Allow your child to engage with the video as much or as little as they wish.  Even if they are not actively attending the entire time, they are hearing the songs, language and sounds.  You can attempt to re-engage them by modeling your participation in the class (i.e., singing along, answering questions, etc.). Most importantly, you as the caregiver will still be able to learn from the teachers models and continue using them throughout your day-to-day routines.

3. Have the toys we suggest ready for them to use (if you don’t have the same items at home, anything similar will do!) For times that don’t involve toys or props, try giving them something else to hold if they need it. You could even try letting them hold a water cup or snack throughout the class. 

4. Let them take breaks if needed! If they started off engaged, but are seeming like they need a break, let them! Watching the class in 2 or 3 parts might be best for your child! Take a break and come back to the video later!

5. Give them time to adjust to the new LWT routines!  These classes will not always be your child's usual teacher and certain songs or routines may be slightly different than they are used to.  Give your child a chance to adapt! To your benefit you can watch the videos more than one time to allow them to become more familiar to the instructor, songs and routines!

"I was super concerned that her lack of socialization during this time would interfere with her language development but LWT has kept us both on track and given her the opportunity to learn, grow and expand her vocabulary!!" - NYC mama

"My 8 month son loves the virtual classes. Whenever we put it on he hears your voice and he starts smiling and clapping like he is seeing an old friend. It is the perfect way to keep him actively entertained!!" - Instagram mama

“My daughter loved it! I loved all the handouts that came with it to support language development! My daughter even started saying new words after watching! Also great that you can rewatch the video. She did even more the second time :)” - Kidpass mama

"It's been really fun to see her changing. We sing this with her every day now and it is really starting to stick!" - Instagram mama

"She was so engaged that she sat through the entire class in one sitting. Nothing is ever able to keep her attention for that long!" - Instagram mama

"We have been doing one class a day since quarantine and I don't know what we would have done without it! It is part of our daily routine and she has learned so much and it has transferred into her pretend play!" - LI mama

"Baby likes to watch each class twice! It is a bonus that we can take the virtual class outdoors when the weather is nice!” - NYC mama

Individual Classes

(Valid for 1 month $18/class)

Look Who's Talking NYC

Mang' Oh Yoga- Murray Hill, NYC - 322 E. 39th St.

Complete Body - UES, NYC - 301 E. 57th St.

Iken Preschool- UES, NYC - 1500 E. 2nd Ave

The Fashion Design Lab - Syosset, NY - 235 N. Robbins La. 

Two Worlds Dance Studio - Greenvale, NY - 340 Wheatley Plaza #B

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