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Spring registration is now open!

Enjoy classes from the comfort of home

Join us for an on demand or live virtual class in the comfort of your own home! LWT will provide you with tips and toy suggestions to bring the class to life and have an interactive experience with a certified Speech-Language Pathologist. 

Live Classes

Engage with a live SLP and up to 10 LWT friends through music, stories, and play! Zoom links will be sent out on Sunday night before the class.

For babies and toddlers under ~24 months in the pre-verbal or newly verbal stages of language. Learn strategies to facilitate receptive and expressive language through songs, stories and play with a certified SLP.

Pre-Recorded Classes

Watch at your convenience and have the ability to repeat classes at your leisure! Classes can be paused and watched in segments if needed!

Classes can be watched at any time for up to 2 months. Videos do not need to be watched in any order.

Make the Most of Virtual Courses

Create a space that supports learning

Watch in a space free from toys or other distractions (as much as possible). Place only the items listed to use for each class in your child’s viewing area. If your child is having trouble attending, you can also try setting it up with them in a high-chair or small chair and table!

Don’t stress about attention spans

Attention spans are shorter for screen time compared to in person interactions. Allow your child to engage with the video as much or as little as they wish. Even if they are not actively attending the entire time, they are hearing the songs, language and sounds. You can attempt to re-engage them by modeling your participation in the class.

Have the suggested toys ready in advance

Have the toys we suggest ready for them to use. If you don’t have the same items at home, anything similar will do! For times that don’t involve toys or props, try giving them something else to hold if they need it. You could even try letting them hold a water cup or snack throughout the class. 

Let your little ones take breaks

If they started off engaged, but are seeming like they need a break, let them take a break! Watching the class in 2 or 3 parts might be best for your child! Take a break and come back to the video later!

Give them time to adapt to new routines

These classes will not always be your child’s usual teacher and certain songs or routines may be slightly different than they are used to. Give your child a chance to adapt! To your benefit, you can watch the videos more than one time to allow them to become more familiar to the instructor, songs and routines!

Be a model for your kids

Engage in songs and activities! If they are not responsive to the class, try modeling! You can respond to the teacher when she asks questions, model actions/following verbal directions. Once they begin to engage, you can pull back and let them have more opportunity to respond!

Look who’s behind

Look Who’s Talking

Look Who's Talking is powered by a forward thinking team of certified Speech-Language Pathologists and educational experts.


Driven by a deep passion for play, development, and community, we are committed to fostering engaging, enriching learning environments and to meeting the unique needs of every child we work with.

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