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Private speech-language screenings/evaluations and therapy for children of all ages.

Our team of certified speech-language pathologists specialize in pediatric auditory, speech and language-based therapy. With a broad range of backgrounds, certifications and specialties, our team has a therapist to fit each child’s unique needs.

We offer private therapy in the convenience of your own home or at our Upper East Side, NYC office.

Spring registration is now open!


The LWT goal is to improve your child’s communication skills to reduce frustration, improve social interaction and support academic and social growth as they develop.


  • We address parent, teacher, or pediatrician concerns via a thorough evaluation/screening to best fit your child’s needs.

  • Evaluations consist of a combination of parent interviews, informal observation, and standardized testing.

  • You'll receive a written report addressing your child’s abilities, communicative strengths and weaknesses, and a recommendation for services if speech/language therapy is warranted.

  • We'll create goals for therapy that focus on your child’s specific communicative needs and provide parent/caregiver strategies to foster the process of team collaboration.

We start with an Evaluation

  • All speech/language therapy sessions are individualized to meet your child’s specific communication goals and interests.

  • Certified LWT speech-language pathologists employ a variety of evidence-based strategies and techniques and we shape our approach to best suit your child's unique needs.

  • Sessions include parent training as well as collaboration with other individuals on your child’s team (teachers, other professional services, caregivers, etc).

  • Sessions typically begin at 30 minutes with the flexibility to increase length as deemed appropriate by the clinician. 

Individualed Instruction

Our team incorporates a variety of skills, areas of specialty, and formal training in specific evidenced-based programs - these include: Sounds in Motion, PROMPT (Prompts for Restructuring Oral Muscular Phonetic Targets), The Social Thinking Curriculum, Wilson Language: Fundations, The Kaufman Speech to Language Protocol, PECS (picture exchange communication system) and TalkTools® hierarchy and more.

Apply Expertise

  • Clinicians can wear a clear mask or face shield if masking is preferred by the parent.

  • Fully vaccinated clinicians can also conduct in-person sessions without a mask if the parent/family would like to have a non-masked session.

  • Virtual sessions are available if Covid exposure or diagnosis prompts a change in schedule.

Staying Safe

Benefits for your little one

Reduce frustration and associated behaviors due to difficulties understanding language and self-expression

Provide your child with communication tools to help them express their wants and needs. Such tools can help reduce frustration or embarassment due to their difficulty communicating.

Improve communication and language involved in academic success

Improve language skills to help your child better understand academic language, organize their thoughts and ideas and execute them in a clear and cohesive manner. There are many areas of speech and language that can impact literacy and academic success. 

Foster positive social communication and social abilities with peers and adults

Enhance social communication through learning how to appropriately answer and ask questions, understanding and expressing emotions and engaging in age appropriate play and activities.

Connect with your child through language and learning while learning tips to implement at home

Receive individualized tips and ways to support your child to incorporate into your daily routines outside of speech/language therapy sessions.

My son began taking private lessons with Look Who’s Talking when he was around 18 months old. When he started, he only had about five solid words - but within a few lessons it was like Brandie flipped a switch, and both my son and I learned invaluable tips on how to encourage progress. As lessons passed, Callan would say more and more words independently, and now, I can happily report that Callan is a literal chatter box and one of the most verbal and conversational kids in preschool. Whenever a parent comments to me about him, I always tell them that I attribute it to Look Who’s Talking.

Gina Doyle

and son, Callan

Look who’s behind

Look Who’s Talking

Look Who's Talking is powered by a forward thinking team of certified Speech-Language Pathologists and educational experts.


Driven by a deep passion for play, development, and community, we are committed to fostering engaging, enriching learning environments and to meeting the unique needs of every child we work with.

Growing, learning and talking starts here!

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