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Spring registration is now open!

ABILITY TO ENGAGE IN CLASS ACTIVITIES AND ASSUMPTION OF THE RISK: Look Who’s Talking LLC takes all possible precautions to reduce risk and provide safe, healthy and enjoyable experiences. I acknowledge that risks from participation in class activities exist and that I have allowed my child to attend art class knowing these risks and their possible consequences including personal injury.

WAIVER AND RELEASE OF LIABILITY: As a parent or guardian of my child, I agree that I will not hold Look Who’s Talking LLC liable for any personal injury, property damage or loss of personal items. I agree to release and hold harmless Look Who’s Talking LLC and class teachers from all liability incurred as a result of my child’s participation in class and that these terms serve as a release for me, volunteers, property owners and members of my family.

DROP OFF AND SEPARATION: When separating for classes, I agree to remain on premises or within a 1 block radius of class and reachable by phone in the circumstance that the teachers need me to return. I understand I am not required to leave/separate however, if I choose to do so I do not hold Look Who’s Talking LLC liable for any possible consequences including personal injury, or damage to any personal items brought into the classroom.

I understand that the teacher must be in verbal agreement that my child is ready to be independent and separate from their parent/caregiver prior to leaving the classroom or building.

Please list all who are authorized to pick up your child. Please give us a contact phone number. We take the safety of your children very seriously and will only release your child to whomever dropped them off unless told otherwise.

PARENT’S AUTHORIZATION & WAIVER FORM: I give permission to Look Who’s Talking LLC to use photos taken of my child during class for marketing on social media, including Facebook and Instagram.

By submitting this form, I'm confirming that I'm the parent/guardian of the child that I am registering for classes at Look Who’s Talking LLC.

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Preschool Prep Release Form

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