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Erika Steinberger

Erika Steinberger is an early childhood educator with 8 years of experience with children up to 8 years old. Erika received her Bachelors degree in Psychology from the University of Maryland and her Masters degree in Early Childhood Education from Hunter College. Erika believes children have the ability to change the world around us as we help them change and learn about the world surrounding them. Erika acknowledges that children crave independence, knowledge and endless laughter. As an educator, she aims to create inviting provocations that will further children's interest in different subject areas. Erika is passionate about the Reggio Emilia philosophy, which is the belief that teachers and children are co-collaborators. Erika believes that when teachers follow the interest of the children and create learning experiences that foster that interest, children are given the opportunity to make meaningful connections with the world around them, sparking new interests and curiosities. Thus, children are made to feel ownership of their knowledge, creating a magical environment to thrive!

Erika teaches Pre-School and Kindergarten Prep classes with LWT and conducts in-home, individual sessions tailored to each child's unique and individual learning styles.

Erika Steinberger

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